untitled sound event (2001)

performance for rock band, bells, automobile sound system, garage door, umbrellas

January 8, 2001


Sound performance, 1/8/01 at the Capitol Theater, Olympia, Washington. A rock band performance is overtaken and dissolves into increasingly spatialized sound sources representing atmospheric storm conditions. With: Seamus Campbell, Phil Elvrum, Jenn Kleise, Dennis Driscoll, Phan Nguyen.


there is rock-n-roll
and as it starts to dissolve
seagulls arrive from back
there are stereo birds above
then more gulls more gulls more gulls
then that car pulls up
and birds turn into rain
(rain like the sound of rubbing hands)
rain builds
(rain like the sound of clapping on knees)
and lightning flash and thunder
rain and
umbrellas up