Project Still

Project Still


The Powerlines Are Down

Environmental Remix For Six Car Audio Systems in Motion
October 4, 2002


The Powerlines Are Down, from the Melting Igloo Appetite For Extinction Vol 2 CD extended, remixed and reconfigured to play as six separate CD programs emenating from six loud car stereo systems driving in synchronization through downtown Olympia.


Voice: Anna Huff
Field Recording (seagulls): Andrew Austin
Documentary Audio Recording: Andrew Austin
Drivers: Jim, Krissy, Guthrie, Johanna, Dave, Chris
Photography: Andy
Video: Denise, Mark, Eric, Stella
Sponsor: Audio Northwest 117 Franklin, Olympia
Artistic Consultants: Ryan Baldoz, Andrew Austin


"The Powerlines are Down" Dense Smith, The Toby Room Oct/Nov 2002

"Music, art take on new dimensions: Performances will include a rolling composition on car stereos" Ross Raihala, The Olympian October 4, 2002