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Project Still

Project Still


Warm Not Cold

Online journal, video clips and performance.
January - June, 2006

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Video and audio pieces were posted to the blog in tandem with writing. The videos and animations linked from the blog were used as the backdrop for songs, spoken word pieces and audience participation. The performance of the blog was also a subject of the blog so that Warm Not Cold became a self-documenting project.


While screens are ubiquitous and call for our attention from workstations, laptops and handheld devices, there are many moments when the media is not wholly immersive and the act of watching becomes a social experience, such as when several family members are crowded around one monitor, expectantly waiting for a web animation to download. The performance of Warm Not Cold works to explore the everyday reality of the viewer/screen relationship, ultimately leading the audince away from the screen.


Project Still


In the spirit of the abstract spam comments a blog attracts, Camille Paloque-Berges interjected this scrambled reading of a Paris Hilton deposition at the April 11th Warm Not Cold performance

clip at Vimeo.