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Eugene Playground
   11/87 to 7/89

   Playground 'til Now cass.

   Appetite for Extinction LP

   first singles


Olympia Shipwreck 89-90
   8/89 to 3/90

   Shipwreck lp


Polk-a-Dot Fever
   4/90 to 3/95



   I Scream ep



   1996 & 1997


   The Lowdown ep

   shows 1996 & 1997
Finally available again:
Original Love Rock Masters CD
20 tracks compiling Some Velvet Sidewalk live at the Capitol Theater and SVS basement and garage noise, as well as Al projects like The Insect Way (Original Lo-Fi Cassette) and Telepathic Youth.
A lot of people have been wanting to know where they can get the out-of-control Mousetrap live recording they heard in the movie Jackass. They can stop wanting; it's right here. Also: Puppy, Refuse and many, many more. Unmastered, untamed. So old school, the dog ate it. catalog

Other SVS releases are available from K records - see the LP OVERVIEW for descriptions and links directly to K product pages.

Free full Some Velvet Sidewalk mp3s
(Mousetrap (original Shipwreck lp version), Oscar Says, Big City Plans, and more) are now included on the pages referring to the album or ep on which the song was originally released.
Communicating by the Available Means

"i got my paper and i got my crayons
i'm gonna use my own two hands..."

Part of the some velvet sidewalk spirit was always about communicating by the available means. At first this meant playing acoustic guitars into a walkman, or using a home 4-track and bad mics. Typewriters, photocopies, water-colors and crayons.

When indie-rock exploded, the available means came to include some nice recording studios, offset printing, jewel cases, stages big and small.

What makes sense now? I don't know; recording at home, writing and releasing straight to the web? Graphics that bounce or shake or glow on the monitor screen?

Maybe outdoor shows, bands strumming in trees? Rock-n-roll disintegrating into seagull sounds in sensearound?


This website is about continuing those original sidewalk idea(l)s - communicating, going forth regardless, making and creating inside and outside of the dominant paradigm. Remembering and pushing forward, both.


April 2002
Right now I am focusing on our activity from the 1980s - the years in Eugene, cassette underground, early shows and our first K releases, and will be adding more writing as memories coalesce. If you have any thoughts, theories, memories or photos, stories or tall tales, show dates or corrections just drop a line to